Why are demons or negative creatures afraid of cats? and do you know what the real mission of the cat’s life is?

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Why are demons or negative creatures afraid of cats? and do you know what the real mission of the cat’s life is? Most people think cats are lazy creatures and all they do is eat and sleep.

Yes it’s not like that!
Did you know that currently, more people have cats than dogs?
Do you know what the mission of cats is ???

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Now I’m writing a series of facts about the secret life of cats, so you know and understand them better.

All cats have the power to eliminate the accumulation of negative energy in our bodies, throughout the day, once we sleep, they absorb that energy. If there is more than one person in the family, and only one cat, he can accumulate excessive amounts of negativity by absorbing the energy of so many people …

“When they sleep, the cat’s body releases negative things that they get rid of.” If if we are too stressed, they might have more time to release & free us from that negative energy, consequently they accumulate as fat.

Because of that, they get fat and don’t think it’s because of the food you give.

It’s good to have more than one cat at home, so the burden is shared between them, they also protect us at night, so that no unwanted spirit enters our home or room when we sleep.

That’s why they like to sleep in our beds and if they think we are good / healthy, they will not sleep with us, if something strange happens around us, they will jump into our beds and protect us.

If someone comes to our house, and the cats feel that person is there to hurt us or mean evil, they then surround us to “protect”.

If you don’t have a cat, and there are wild cats entering your house, adopt it as a friend at home, because you need a cat at a certain time.

“Yes, the street cat, offering to help you!”

Thank the cat for choosing your home, for that mission / job. If you have another cat and can’t take care of it, find a place for him.

Cats come with reasons that we don’t know physically, but in a dream, you can see the reason for the appearance of a cat to you at that time. There may be past debts / debts from karma that he must pay to you.

Therefore, “Don’t be afraid or frightened of cats.” Because “he” will return, with one or find another way to fulfill this obligation.

“Cats cure us.” Cats are adorable creatures, and they love their owners above all. They only have different ways to express it

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